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WTFWG? Developers are fed up with WhatWG over responsive images spec

Whoa! FE-oriented people should check this… There’s a shitstorm brewing with developers being disgruntled and fed up with WhatWG and Hixie in particular. This time it’s about a proposed solution to the responsive images problem. Seems some prominent developers had quite enough of being ignored and overridden…

What’s going on? A recent article at A List Apart led to developers looking for an appropriate solution to the problem of responsive images.

As a result, some discussion started on the WHATWG mailing list months ago about what to do. The WHATWG pointed out that the list was for standardizing and suggested it would be better if the discussion were moved into a community group.

The developers formed the W3C Responsive Images Community Group (RICG) — and proposed a simple-to-understand picture element capable of serving responsive images. I must say it’s pretty good.

Yet yesterday WhatWG added a different, much less intuitive, solution proposed by Apple, Google and Opera to the HTML spec, only 5 days after it was proposed! This is the srcset attribute solution.

The developers involved with TICG are pissed.

What. The. Hell.

This is well written blog post which gives a good quick summary of what happened.

This one is even more angry. It get’s back at Hixie in the form of a comic and ends in a battle cry against WhatWG.

To read the full story about what’s going on, see this new — and less angry ALA article. If you have the time it’s a must read.

Isn’t this how we got in this mess that is web standards in the first place — industry representatives designing specs in an ivory tower, without ever consulting with the people who are supposed to use them? Isn’t that why CSS 2.1, the DOM, SVG and so on are such a pain to use and fail at some very basic use cases?

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